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Coeus, the Titan of Intelligence

Last Update: 06 Apr 2021

Coeus was the Greek Titan of Intelligence

Family of Coeus

Coeus, the Greek Titan of intelligence and guardian of wisdom, married Phoebe, the Titaness of the Moon and the couple was blessed with two daughters, Asteria and Leto.

The Famous Daughters of Coeus

Asteria was a goddess of fire, desired by Zeus, the King of the Greek gods. To escape his embraces, she took the form of a quail and threw herself into the sea.

Her sister Leto, on the other hand, accepted Zeus' embrace and gave birth to the Olympian twins Apollo, the Greek god of Music and Artemis, the Greek goddess of the Hunt on a Greek island named after her sister Asteria. After Leto's arrival, the name of the island was changed to "Delos" ("the unconcealed").

Like the other Titans, Coeus was eventually overthrown by Zeus and others Olympian Gods and sent to Tartarus, the depths of the underworld.

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