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Last Update: 04 Apr 2021

Telchines, the evil eyed demons

The Telchines were evil mythical creatures, dangerous, envious but ingenious.

Appearance of the Telchines

A part of the Telchines had the features of demons, while another part was human-like, and a part of them resembled a fish.

The Telchines were legless and armless, but they had wings. They had evil eyes, large eyelids, and bushy eyebrows.

Family of the Telchines

The Telchines were the sons of the Sea and the Pontus, and they were known for raising Poseidon with the help of their sister Alia and the daughter of Oceanus Kafeira.

As for their origins, some believed that they were actually the dogs of Actaeon who turned into demons after devouring their master. Others believe that they were the sons of Nemesis and Tartarus.

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