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Hecatonchires, hundred-handed monsters

The Hecatonchires were three monsters with hundred hands and fifty heads

The Hecatonchires (hundred-headed ones) were born at the creation of the world from Gaea, the Mother Earth, and Uranus, the sky.

In Greek mythology there were three Hecatonchires: Briareus the Strong, Cottus the Furious, and Gyes the Big-Limbed. They were all strong, proud monsters, huge and terrible, each of them having a hundred hands and fifty heads growing from their shoulders.

Gaea loved all her children without exception, even the Hecatonchires. Uranus, however, was terrified at the mere sight of these children and found their qualities appalling and disgusting, so he decided to thrust them into the depths of Gaea, Tartarus, which caused Gaea to groan loudly.

The Hecatonchires later took revenge on Uranus by participating in the Titanomachy (the battle of the Olympian gods against the Titans), where they used their many hands to throw stones at the Titans.

Roman name: Centimani

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