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Harpies in Greek Mythology- the Ancient Greek Ocypete

Ocypete, the swiftest Harpy

Last Update: 02 May 2021

Ocypete, the swiftest Harpy
Ocypete (the "swift-flying")- also known as Ocythoe or Ocypode(the "swift-footed")- was the fastest of the Harpies.

When the Harpies stole King Phineas' food, the children of Boreas, the wind god, set out to find them. In Ocypete's case, she tried to escape to southern Greece by flying over the Ionian Sea. However, Ocypete was forced to turn back to find land and, exhausted, crashed with her pursuer over the shores of two small islands. Because of her, this island was given the name "Strophades" (Islands of Turning).

The two small islands Strophades in the Ionian Sea

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Greek Mythology-Ocypete


the swiftest Harpy

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