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The Giants' Battle against the Olympian Gods

Giants, huge, frightful  monsters in greek mythology
Giants,huge, frightful monsters in Greek mythology

Driven by their mother, the Mother Earth Gaea, the Giants once attempted to fight against the Olympian gods after their victory over the Titans. The battle of the Giants against the Olympian deities is known as "Gigantomachy".

During the Gigantomachy, the Giants were provoking the Olympian Gods by throwing rocks and fire to them and moving mountains, changing the flow of the rivers, drowning islands and trembling the ground. Mightiest of all were the Giants Porphyrion and Alcyoneus, who was immortal as long as he fought on the land of birth.

The Olympian gods felt the need to unify in order to fight effectively against the Giants and even summoned Heracles as an ally to the battle. Alcyioneus was shot by Heracles, who dragged him beyond the boundaries of his birthland Pallene. The other strong Giant, Porphyrion, was shot by Zeus and killed by Heracles because he fell in love with Zeus' beautiful wife Hera.

In the end, the Olympian gods triumphed over all the Giants and imprisoned them forever in the lowest point of the underworld, the Tartarus.

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The Giants' Battle against  the Olympian Gods

The Giants' Battle against the Olympian Gods