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Cyclopes, one-eyed monstrous creatures

The Cyclopes where giants with only one round eye in their forehead

The Family of the Cyclopes

The Cyclopes were minor power gods of the second generation and children of Uranus and Gaea according to Hesiod, or the Greek god Poseidon and the Sea Nymph Thoosa, according to Greek author Homer.

The Look of the Cyclopes

The Cyclopes were huge monsters with fearsome features who loved to eat people. They led dissolute lives and their works were always full of violence and intrigue.

Why did the Cyclopes have only one eye?

According to legend, the Cyclopes had only one eye after making a deal with Hades, god of the underworld, in which they traded one eye for the ability to see the future and predict the day they would die.

The Fame of the Cyclopes

In general, the Cyclopes had the fame of being great craftsmen and helped the Greek god Hephaestus build Zeus' lightning bolts under the volcano Aetna in Italy. The Cyclopes also built thick walls, known as "Cyclopean Walls".

The Liberation of the Cyclopes

Because of their terrible appearance, the Cyclopes were at first imprisoned by their father Uranus in Tartarus, the depths of the underworld, because he feared that they threatened his power.

However, Cronus and the Titans soon freed the Cyclopes to help them defeat Uranus, only to lock the Cyclopes back in the underworld when they gained power. Eventually Zeus and the Olympians released the Cyclopes one more time, and with their help they fought the Titans in the Titanomachy.

Famous Cyclopes in Greek Mythology

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