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Cyclopes, one-eyed monstrous creatures

Family of the Cyclopes

The Cyclopes were minor power gods of the second generation and children of Uranus and Gaea according to Hesiod, or Greek god Poseidon and the Sea Nymph Thoosa, according to Greek author Homer.

Appearance of the Cyclopes

The Cyclopes were huge monsters with frightening features which liked to eat human beings. They were leading a debauched life and their works were always full of force, violence and intrigues.

Why did the Cyclopes had only one eye?

According to the legend, the Cyclopes had only one eye because they traded one eye in order to see the future. The only future they were able to learn after that, was the day of their death.

The Fame of the Cyclopes

In general, the Cyclopes had the fame of being great workmen and were assisting Greek god Hephaestus in constructing the lightnings of Zeus under the volcano of Aetna in Italy. The Cyclopes were also constructing thick walls, known as "Cyclopean Walls".

The Liberation of the Cyclopes

Because of their dreadful features, the Cyclopes were initially locked in Tartarus, the depths of the Underworld, by their father Uranus, who was afraid that they were threatening his power. However, soon Cronus and the Titans released the Cyclopes, to help them beat Uranus, just to imprison the Cyclopes in the Underworld again when they gained power. Finally, Zeus and the Olympians released the Cyclopes one more time, and with their help they fought against the Titans in the Titanomachy.
The Cyclopes thanked Zeus by giving him thunder and lightning as a gift.


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