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Centaurs in Greek Mythology- the Ancient Greek Chiron

Chiron, the Wise and Gentle Tutor

Last Update: 21 Mar 2021

Chiron, the Wise and Gentle Tutor

Chiron was the only wise, gentle, sober and civilized one among the fearsome Centaurs, who was known to guide and bless his pupils with his wisdom. He was a son of the Titan Cronus and lived on the wooden slopes of Mount Pelion in Central Greece.

Chiron was the centaur who passed on the great knowledge of medicine to Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. His students included famous Greek heroes such as Achilles, Jason and Theseus.


One day Chiron's pupil Heracles struck him in the thigh with an arrow poisoned with the blood of Lernaean Hydra.
While he was able to heal others, Chiron could not heal his own wound, which was so painful that he would have preferred to die. However, since he was immortal, he couldn't. In the end, he sacrificed his immortality to get rid of the pain and take his place in heaven.

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