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Greek Demigods and Spirits

Further Demigods and Spirits

  • scylla Scylla, the Destructor of Vessels
  • syrinx Syrinx, the Passion of Pan and Inspiration for Melody

Greek Monsters and Creatures

  • satyrs Satyrs, joyful half-goat creatures
  • sphinx Sphinx, the monster with the famous riddle

Greek Heroes

  • sisyphus Sisyphus, the cunning cheater of death

Ancient Greek Places

Titles of Gods

  • Seisichthon("moving the earth and causing earthquakes")- title of the Greek god Poseidon
  • Soteira("saviour")- title of the Greek god Athena
  • Soter("saviour")- title of the Greek god Zeus
  • Stratios("martial")- title of the Greek god Ares

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