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Greek Demigods and Spirits

  • nemesis Nemesis, Spirit of Retributive Justice
  • nereus Nereus, the Old Gentleman of the Seas
  • nymphs Nymphs, the Goddesses of Nature
  • nyx Nyx, the Goddess of the Night

Further Demigods and Spirits

  • nessus Nessus, the river's ferryman and killer of Heracles
  • notos Notos, the brisk Wind of the South

Greek Heroes

  • narcissus Narcissus, the handsome boy in love with himself

Ancient Greek Places

Ancient Greek Games

Titles of Gods

  • Nike("bringer of victory")- title of the Greek god Athena
  • Nomios("of the flocks")- title of the Greek god Aphrodite
  • Nomios("bucolic")- title of the Greek god Apollo

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