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Last Update: 28 Mar 2021

Tiresias and the Dispute about Love

Once, when Tiresias was young, he caught sight of two snakes mating near Mount Cyllene in Arcadia/Peloponnesus. Brutally, he tried to hurt the snakes so that they would separate. Suddenly, he saw himself transformed into a woman...

Seven years later, Tiresias again saw a pair of snakes mating, and at that moment he became a man again.

Up at Mount Olympus, Zeus, the king of the gods, and his wife Hera were arguing one day about whether men or women took more pleasure in love.

"Why don't we ask Tiresias from Thebes? He knows best. After all, he has been both man and woman in his life!"

So they decided to get Tiresias and ask him.

"Now tell us, what is your honest opinion of this?" they asked Tiresias.

"On a scale of ten, I can say that men get one part of the pleasure, while women get nine parts!" replied Tiresias.

For this reason, Hera blinded Tiresias. But Zeus took pity on him and granted him the gift of prophecy and a very long life.

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