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Last Update: 30 Nov -0001

The Pine-Bender of Corinth

The next day after killing the club-man of Epidaurus, Theseus arrived in the region of Corinth.
But while he was walking carelessly, suddenly a giant jumped in front of him, shouting. His name was Sinis.

Not only did Sinis rob all passers-by, he also killed them in a horrible way. He forced them to bend two pine trees to the ground and hold them down. Should they lose their strength, and let the trees go, they were hurled into the air.

For this reason, Sinis was known in the region as "Pityokamptes"(the "Pine-Bender").

Theseus killed Sinis in exactly the same way. Then the night set in and Theseus found himself a quiet place, laid down and fell asleep.

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