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The Bandit Sciron

By the first light of day, Theseus woke up and set off for the city of Megara. Just outside the city, he noticed some cliffs descending steeply into the sea.

Right above the cliffs was the haunt of a terrible villain. His name was Sciron and he was a son of the Olympic hero Pelops (or god Poseidon).

Sciron's habit was it to rob passers-by and then force them to wash his feet. As they did so, he gave them a kick into the sea.

With all his might, Theseus grasped the bandit by his feet and hurled him into the deep. As soon as Sciron fell into the sea, a giant sea turtle (or a monster) reached out and devoured the bandit.

This place, which was named "Scironian Rocks" because of the bandit, is nowadays known as the "Wicked Stairway".

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