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Psyche, the deification of the human's soul


The Beauty of Psyche

Psyche was a young princess from Sicily, famous for her extraordinary beauty. According to the legend, she was even more beautiful than Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty.
All her nationals, as well as people from all over the world, used to gather in order to admire her beauty, ignoring this way goddess Aphrodite herself.

Eros and Psyche

Brokenhearted, Aphrodite decided to avenge the princess. So she asked her son Eros, the winged God of Love, to make Psyche fall in love with the most appalling creature of the world. But Eros accidentally he turned his arrow against his own heart and suddenly fell in love with Psyche himself. From that moment on, he tried to prevent mortals from falling in love with Psyche.

Time passed by, without anyone being interested to marry Psyche. The parents of Psyche began to worry about the future of their daughter. Anxiously, they went to the Oracle at Delphi to seek precious advice. Apollo, in which Eros had confided his love, told them to leave Psyche on a mountain where she would meet her future husband.

While Psyche was waiting on the mountain, Zephyr, the gentle wind of the West, took her with him and brought her into a palace made of marble and gold. Every night, an unknown man visited Psyche in her room and made love to her, without ever revealing his face. Psyche discovering ErosUntil one night, while her lover was asleep, Psyche decided to light the face of the male with a lamp. What she saw in front of her was breathtaking... her lover was no other than Eros, the most lovable of all gods!

Amazed by what she saw, Psyche hastily put the lamp aside... when suddenly hot oil poured on the body of Eros!
Eros woke up in pain and shouted furiously:
"Your suspicion killed our love. A mortal should never see the face of a god. After that, it is impossible for us to stay together..."
Saying this, Eros quickly disappeared.

Full of despair, Psyche started wandering around, searching for Eros everywhere. Soon, she found out that Eros had returned to his mother Aphrodite, who took good care of him and healed his wounds.

In order to allow her to see Eros, Aphrodite ordered from Psyche many labors. One of them was to go to the Underworld to meet Persephone, the beautiful Queen of the Underworld. Once there, Psyche would have to ask for a portion of Persephone's beauty elixir and bring it to Aphrodite sealed inside a box.

Psyche opening the golden box. Painting by John William WaterhouseOn her way, Psyche managed to overcome all obstacles and obtained the elixir from Persephone successfully. On her way back, however, Psyche thought it would be best to open the box and keep some of the elixir for herself... However, the box was empty and suddenly Psyche fell into a deep sleep...

Luckily, Eros managed to escape from his mother on time and wake Psyche up with a tender touch. Then he quickly went to Zeus and begged him for his permission to marry Psyche. Zeus agreed and from that moment on, Psyche became immortal.


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