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Pandora, the first woman ever created


Pandora was the first female person ever created by the Greek gods. Zeus, the King of the gods, ordered from Hephaestus, the blacksmith, to create a female human form out of earth and water and to make her look as beautiful as the gods.

All Olympian gods contributed to the creation of her appearance and personality, in both a positive and a negative way.
Aphrodite, the goddess of love, blessed her with beauty and grace, but on the other side there was Apollo, the god of the music, who seeded lies into Pandora's soul...
Athena, with the help of the Graces , ornated her with golden jewelry, but Hermes, the gods' messenger, made her shameless and Hera, the wife of Zeus, blessed her with extreme curiosity.

Because of the many gifts she received, the woman became entitled with the name Pandora, the "all-endowed".

On her completion, Pandora was given a jar which she was told by the gods not to touch- however, Pandora was an avid personality and couldn't resist lifting the lid. As soon as the jar was open, all evil spirits were brought to light, such as pain, hunger or greed.

As soon as Pandora realized the damage, she quickly put back the lid and, this way, she luckily prevented the escape of the remaining Hope("Elpis") from the jar.
From that moment on, mankind started experiencing times of evil in life, but can always count on Hope as his constant comfort.


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