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Last Update: 28 Mar 2021

Odysseus and Calypso

While Odysseus and his companions were on their way to their beloved Ithaca, Poseidon, the capricious god of the seas, became angry with the hero. So he sank all of Odysseus' ships and drowned his companions.

Only Odysseus survived the god's wrath. A castaway, he was tormented for nine days and nights until the waves carried him to a beautiful island. This was the island of Ogygia, and it is believed to be located at Western Europe.

=Odysseus stayed in a spacious cave in which a fire was burning. Around the cave was a rich forest with many springs and thousands of sweet singing birds. There sat a fair-haired nymph, spinning and weaving with her servants. Her name was Calypso. When she caught sight of Odysseus, Calypso rose cheerfully and caressed the hero, as was her custom. Then she demanded that the hero tell her his sorrowful tale. Calypso was touched by his sufferings and offered him to stay with her on the island. At first Odysseus consented, for he was tired of being tormented. But after a time he forgot his sufferings and began to sigh for his native Ithaca.

However, Calypso was in love with the hero and did her best to change Odysseus' mind - she even offered to make him immortal... but it was all in vain. Odysseus wanted to leave.

So Zeus, the king of the gods, sent his messenger Hermes to ask Calypso to let him go.

Full of concern, Calypso obeyed the order and gave Odysseus enough tools to build a sturdy raft. Odysseus loaded the raft with plenty of water and food and finally took his leave, heading off into a world of new adventures.

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