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Linus, the Music teacher of Heracles

Linus was one of the greatest musicians of his time and the Music teacher of Heracles

Linos was a handsome young man and one of the greatest musicians of his time. He is said to be the inventor of the stringed lyre, and of sound and melody in general.

Family of Linus

Linus was a child of Apollo, the god of Music and a Muse(probably Urania or Calliope). His brother was the musician and poet Orpheus.

Linus and Heracles

Linus was the one who taught the Greek hero Heracles and his brother Iphicles the alphabet and music, especially how to play the lyre.

One day, when Heracles was trying to play the lyre correctly, Linos dared to make a remark to his pupil. Suddenly Heracles lost his temper and killed Orpheus, Linos' brother, with one blow from his lyre.

The Death of Linus

Linus himself was killed at a very young age by his father Apollo because he boasted that he was the equal of the god. Linus was most likely buried in the Greek city of Argos or Thebes.

Those who mourned Linus most intensely were the Muses, the goddesses of the Arts and the Sciences. According to legend, they mourned him for a long time to come.

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