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Inachos, the king and presumable founder of Argos

Inachos was the king and presumably the founder of the city of Argos, in Peloponnese/ Southern Greece.

Family of Inachos

Inachos was a son of Titans Tethys and Oceanus. Inachos mated with his sister Melia and two sons were born, Phoroneus and Aigialeus.

Phoroneus became the king who gave fire to his people and gathered them into communities.

The founding of Argos and the Anger of Poseidon

According to legend, Inachos settled in the kingdom of Argos many generations before the flood of Deucalion. During the flood of Deucalion, Inachos saved the surviving people by leading them from the mountains to the fields. He then collected the water in a riverbed and created the river Inachos, which was named after him. When the area was fertile and habitable, he brought the people back to the plains.

Soon Inachos built the city of Argos (c. 1986 BC) and declared the goddess Hera the patron goddess of the city.

This aroused the wrath of Poseidon, god of the seas. In revenge, he flooded the region with water and caused the springs to dry up. Soon there was no more water in the land of Argos.

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