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Last Update: 28 Mar 2021

9. Labor: The Girdle of Hippolyte

As the ninth labor Eyrystheus asked of Heracles to bring to his daughter the jeweled girdle of Hippolyte. Hippolyte was the queen of the Amazons, the warlike warriors, and a daughter of Ares, the Greek god of war. The belt was a gift from her father, full of gold and precious stones, symbolizing her supremacy over the others.

So Heracles gathered some comrades, including Theseus, and marched against the city where the Amazons lived, near the Black Sea. At first Hippolytus was willing to hand over the belt, but Hera, queen of the Olympian gods, disguised herself as an Amazon, causing misunderstandings that led to war between the heroes and the Amazons, with casualties on both sides. In the end, Heracles managed to kill Hippolyte, steal her belt and depart.
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