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Danae, the mother of Perseus

Princess Danae was a lover of Zeus and the mother of Perseus, the most important king of Athens

According to Greek mythology, Danae was beautiful princess, daughter of Acrisius, the King of Argos and his wife Eurydice from Sparta.

Once upon a time the Delphic oracle of Apollo revealed that the king of Argos would die at the hands of his grandson. To save his life, the king locked Danae in a bronze tower with her nurse to preserve her virginity.

However, the almighty Zeus, king of the gods, fell deeply in love with the beautiful Danae, so he transformed himself into a shining golden rain so that he could visit her in her dark prison. Once there, the couple moved fluidly in an amorous embrace. Danae was impregnated by Zeus and bore him a son, whom she named Perseus.

When Danae' s father Acrisius discovered the baby, he angrily threw them both out to sea in a wooden chest, but they swam ashore on the island of Serifos, where they were taken in by the king of Serifos named Dictys.

Years later, when Perseus had reached adulthood, he accidentally killed his grandfather Acrisius while throwing a discus, thus making the ancient prophecy come true.

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