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Bellerophon, the Master of Pegasus

Greek hero Bellerophon was the master of the winged horse Pegasus

Bellerophon was an important Greek hero who was worshipped like a god by Ancient Corinth. He was a son of the sea-god Glaucus and the princess Eurynome, and the grandson of Sisyphus, the deceiver of death.

Family of Bellerophon

Bellerophon's real name was Hipponous, but he received the latter name after he killed his brother Belleros and went into exile.

Bellerophon was married to the princess Philonoe and they were blessed with three children: Hippolochos, Isander and Laodameia, the mother of Sarpedon. Isander and Laodameia got later on killed by Ares and Artemis respectively.

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