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Actaeon, the unfortunate hunter of Boeotia

Actaeon was transformed into a stag because he happened to see greek goddess Artemis naked

Actaeon was a young prince and a very skilled hunter. He w was taught the art of hunting by the gentle Centaur Chiron.

One day, while Actaeon was on his way to hunt, he stumbled upon the divine maiden Artemis, bathing naked in the woods of Orchomenos, surrounded by her Nymphs.

Amazed at her beautiful body and divine grace, he couldn't help but stare. When Artemis became aware of this intrusion, she became enraged and punished Actaeon by turning him into a stag (a male deer).

Actaeon became frightened and fled, but his own hunting dogs, 50 in number, leapt at him and tore him to pieces and devoured him, thinking that he was a real stag.

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