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Zeus, the King of the Gods

Zeus was the supreme god in Ancient Greece, the father of the Olympian gods and the ruler of mankind.

Zeus -
Pictures of Zeus
Role and Responsibilities
Zeus had his golden throne on the highest peak of Mount Olympus and was respected and revered by all gods and mortals. All kings boasted that they were descended from Zeus. Zeus was the "Lord of Justice", he punished anyone who lied or broke an oath, but was fair and always tried to keep the balance of all things. Also, Zeus was in charge of the weather and shaped it to his whim. When he was in a good mood, Zeus blessed the world with beautiful weather; however, when he was in a bad mood, he unleashed rain, winds, lightning, and thunderclaps to bring disaster upon mortals.

The Personality of Zeus
Zeus was carefree and loved to laugh out loud [1]. He possessed perfect knowledge and was just, merciful and wise. However, he was quite unpredictable, because no one could guess his decisions.

Appearance of Zeus
Zeus was strong and imposing, with long, often curly hair.

Symbols of Zeus
Zeus' symbols were the scepter, the throne, and the thunderbolt, which was a gift from the Cyclopes because he freed them. Zeus' tree was the oak and his sacred animal was the eagle.

Myths about Zeus

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