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Myths about Poseidon, the God of the Sea

Poseidon, Agaeus and the Fatal Curse

Once Poseidon, god of the seas, fell in love with Astypalaia, sister of Europa, and abducted her.
The couple gave birth to a son and named him Agaeus, who was later to take part in the Argonautic expedition.

Agaeus lived on the island of Samos and was an excellent winegrower. But no doubt he was very hard on his workers and treated them like slaves.

One day a servant became angry at the way Agaeus treated him:
"Never shall you drink wine from your vineyard!" he cursed his master.

Time passed, until one fine day the wine was prepared and ready to drink. Merrily Agaeus called his servant and said to him:
"See how ridiculous you have been! Your curse was in vain!"

Reassured, the servant replied, "There is a long way between this glass and your lips..."

At that very moment, a slave informed Agaeus of a wild boar ravaging his land. Hastily, Agaeus abandoned his glass and pounced on the beast.

Eventually, the boar devoured Agaeus and the prophecy was confirmed.

Myths about Poseidon

Poseidon, Agaeus and the Fatal Curse

A myth dedicated to the people who are quick to jump to conclusions

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