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Hermes, the Messenger of the gods

Hermes was the Greek god of the trade, the god of eloquence and a luck-bringing messenger of the Gods.

Family of Hermes

Parents: Hermes was born in a cave at Mount Cyllene in Arcadia, southern Greece as the son of Zeus, the King of the Gods, and the Mount Nymph Maea, who was a daughter of Titan Atlas.
Famous Children: Hermaphroditus and the Satyr Pan.

Hermes, the God's Messenger and Conductor of Souls

Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl-The Souls of Acheron(1898)-detail of the painitng featuring HermesHermes wore wings on his sandals, making him the fastest of all the Greek gods. Because of his speed, Hermes was given the role of messenger and guide of souls to the underworld.
Hermes was the only Olympian god who was authorised to visit heaven, earth and also the underworld and in this way enjoyed great popularity among all Greek gods and spirits.

Hermes, the God of the Thieves

It is known that Ancient Greeks endowed their gods with human weaknesses. Hermes, for example, since childhood felt an irresistible urge to steal and quickly became the god of swindlers and thieves.

Hermes' special Relation to Zeus

Hermes was a messenger of all the gods, but mostly he was known to enjoy taking tasks from his father Zeus. Zeus held Hermes' intellect in high regard and always asked him to help him make decisions, especially when it came to cheating on his wife Hera. Hera.

Appearance of Hermes

Hermes was depicted as a young man who wore traveling clothes, a flat hat known as a "petasus", and winged sandals on his feet. He was also often depicted with wings on his shoulders and hat.
Hermes usually held a winged staff, with snakes wrapped around it, in his hands to gain access anywhere. This staff helped Hermes to cast spells on the gods or to wake up those who were subdued by the god of sleep.

Symbols of Hermes

The caduceus (his staff), the purse (or leather bag), the winged sandals, the ram and the petasus (his hat).

Roman name: Mercury

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