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Greek Gods» Hephaestus» Myths about Hephaestus » The Revenge of Hephaestus on Hera

Page last updated on: March 24th, 2021

The Revenge of Hephaestus on Hera

At his birth, Hephaestus was thrown out of heaven by his mother Hera because he was deformed. When Hephaestus learned this, he became very angry and promised to take revenge on her. So he decided to create a magical golden throne and send it to Mount Olympus as a special "gift" to his mother.

When Hera saw the magnificent throne, she was immediately delighted with it and, without thinking, happily sat down on it. All at once invisible, unbreakable chains appeared and quickly bound her. Hera screamed for help and all the Olympian gods rushed to her aid, but none of them were able to free her! Soon all the gods realized that the only one who could free Hera was Hephaestus himself.

So the gods asked Dionysus, the god of wine, to offer Hephaestus sweet wine to intoxicate him. Dionysus agreed and this way Hephaestus was brought to Mount Olympus, freeing Hera from her burdens.

The gods thanked Hephaestus by giving him Aphrodite, the goddess of love, as his wife and creating a magnificent palace for him at Mount Olympus.

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Greek Gods» Hephaestus» Myths about Hephaestus
Myths about Hephaestus

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