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Page last updated on: March 26th, 2021

Hephaestus and the Price of Infidelity

Although Hephaestus was a god with disabilities, he was fortunate enough to be married to Aphrodite, the most attractive goddess of Mount Olympus. But his wife Aphrodite soon grew tired of their marriage... until one day, allured by the beauty of the warlike Ares, she became Ares' mistress.

Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan by Alexandre Charles Guillemot (1827)Helios, the Greek sun god who could watch everything from his golden chariot, soon told Hephaestus about the adultery. Naturally, Hephaestus was offended and saddened, so he decided to plot his revenge. Without wasting time, he created a fine wire mesh of gold and hung it over his bed.

Soon a day came when Hephaestus was not at home and Aphrodite took the opportunity to call her lover for a visit. Suddenly the net fell on the two lovers and they became completely entangled in the web. It was impossible for the couple to either escape or separate. The more they tried, the more they became entangled.

In revenge, Hephaestus summoned all the gods of Olympus to laugh at the couple's expense. However, through the intervention of Poseidon, Ares paid compensation to Hephaestus and eventually Hephaestus freed the couple from the trap.

Aphrodite returned to Cyprus and Ares went to Thrace in Northern Greece, where his center of worship was located.

Greek Gods» Hephaestus» Myths about Hephaestus
Myths about Hephaestus

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