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Page last updated on: April 6th, 2021

Dionysus and the Wine of Samos

According to legend, Dionysus, the god of wine, chased the Amazons for years, but the Amazons despised him and always managed to escape. One day, during the pursuit, they fled to the island of Samos.

Desperate, Dionysus sought the help of the islanders and together they managed to kill them. In return for their help, Dionysus taught the islanders - the Samians - how to grow grapevines. He gave them the vine from which the famous fragrant wine is made, and taught them all the secrets of how to prepare it. Today the Samian Wine is world famous.

However, Dionysus ordered the Samians to drink only a small amount of the wine... just to get in the mood and no more.

The place where Dionysus killed the Amazons was named "Panaimo" from the large amount of blood that was spilled there.

Greek Gods» Dionysus» Myths about Dionysus
Myths about Dionysus

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