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Greek Gods» Dionysus» Myths about Dionysus » The Fatal Secrets of Winemaking

Page last updated on: April 6th, 2021

The Fatal Secrets of Winemaking

Author: Apollodorus

When Dionysus, the joyful god of Wine, first visited the region of Attica to teach people the art of wine growing, he was accommodated by Ikarios, who welcomed the god in his home cordially.
Dionysus felt obliged for the treatments so he confided in Ikarios all the secrets of wine making.

Icarius was excited and wanted pass the god's blessings on to mankind as soon as possible. So he jumped on his chariot with his pet dog Moira and went to some shepherds to treat them with wine.

After a taste of the excellent drink, the shepherds felt incredible delight and they drank it down in quantities without water. Soon the shepherds became drunk and, imagining that they had been poisoned, they killed Ikarios and threw his corpse into a deep well.

After a while, Ikarios' daughter Erigone began to worry about her father and started searching for him desperately. All of a sudden, she saw Moira, the pet dog of Ikarios, appear in front of her The dog took the girl to the well and revealed her father's dead body. Erigone buried her father in great pain and anguish and then hanged herself from a tree.

Greek Gods» Dionysus» Myths about Dionysus
Myths about Dionysus

The Fatal Secrets of Winemaking

A myth by Apollodorus

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