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Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture

Roman name: Ceres

Family of Demeter

Parents: Demeter was a child of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.
Siblings: Demeter had five siblings. Three brothers (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades), and two sisters (Hestia and Hera).
Children: Persephone, the goddess of the Underworld

Demeter's Personality and her Role as a Goddess

Demeter was a peace-loving deity and the source of all growth and life; she was the goddess who provided all nutrition on the earth and taught mortals how to cultivate the earth and ease life. Demeter was most appreciated for introducing wheat to mankind, making man different from animals.

Appearance of Demeter

Demeter was a rich-haired woman with golden tresses and slender feet. She was usually wearing a dark cloak and was holding a golden sword in her hands. [1].

Symbols of Demeter

The symbols of Demeter were the ear of wheat and the grains, as well as the crocus flower, the narcissus, the myrtle and the daffodil.


Titles of Demeter

  • Aloas ("threshing")
  • Chloe ("green")

Picture Gallery

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