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Page last updated on: February 26th, 2021

Apollo in the Land of the Hyperboreans

Every autumn Apollo left his house at Delphi to winter in the mythical Land of the Hyperboreans.

The Land of the Hyperboreans was the land where Apollo's mother Leto was born and from which the priests of Apollo descended. It was a bright, colorful, and warm island that was very hard to find because it was beyond the point where the north wind blows. The people on the island lived in harmony with each other and with nature. They never ate meat, only the fruit of the trees, and were immune to aging and disease.

Riding his winged chariot pulled by two pure white swans, Apollo traveled above the clouds, slowly leaving Greece behind. During his journey, he could see the thick snow of the mountains from his chariot. But as he neared his destination, the snow slowly began to disappear. The golden rays of the sun were strong enough to penetrate the clouds and illuminate a magical land. Upon his arrival, Apollo dismounted from his chariot and stepped onto the green, fertile grass. Immediately the festivities began, the birds flew among the trees and sang divine melodies.

Greek Gods» Apollo» Myths about Apollo
Myths about Apollo

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