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Greek Mythology Games

Are you a mythology expert? Put your knowledge of Greek mythology to the test, competing with students from all over the world with these free online educational games, quizzes and crosswords about the Greek gods and heroes!


The Symbols Quiz

The Symbols Quiz

Do you know the symbols of the Olympian gods?
The Greek Mythology Quiz

Greek Mythology Quiz

Quiz with basics on Greek Mythology (2 levels)

The Zeus Quiz

A practice quiz about Zeus, the King of the Gods
Greek Mythology Games - The Poseidon Quiz

The Poseidon Quiz

A practice quiz about Poseidon, the God of the Seas
Greek Mythology Games - The Artemis Quiz

The Artemis Quiz

Save the animals of Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, by answering her questions correctly!

Puzzles & Crosswords

Mythology Games-The Greek Mythology Puzzle

The Greek Mythology Puzzle

Scramble and join the pieces as fast as you can!
(3 levels)
Aphrodite Crossword

The Aphrodite Crossword

Crossword about Aphrodite, the goddess of Beauty, requiring basic knowledge of the goddess

The Apollo Crossword

Crossword about Apollo, the god of the Sun, requiring basic knowledge of the god

More Mythology Games

mythionaire game-greek gods and heroes The Mythionaire game. Knowledge game about Greek gods and heroes
hangman-mythology game of heracles Save the Nemean Lion by finding the hidden words related to Heracles!
greek mythology hangman The Greek Mythology Hangman. Try to guess the hidden words related to Greek Mythology
greek mythology memory game A memory game with pictures of the Olympian gods
greek mythology word game Find the hidden words related to Greek Mythology inside the matrix