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Last Update: 03 Apr 2021

Winds (Anemoi)

Winds (Anemoi) , the Gods of the Wind

The Winds(Anemoi) were the personifications of the wind's various directions

The Winds were winged gods with a human form and were created by Astraeus, the god of the stars and Eos, the goddess of the dawn.

The principal Winds were Zephyrus, Boreas, Notus and Eurus. Other Winds were Skiron, Kaikias, Apeliotis and Lips

Roman name: Venti

Famous Winds (Anemoi) in Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology-Aeolos


the Ruler of the Winds
Greek Mythology-Boreas


the North Wind
Greek Mythology-Euros


the East Wind
Greek Mythology-Notos


the South Wind
Greek Mythology-Zephyr


the West Wind

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