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Selene, the goddess of the moon

Selene is the goddess of the Moon, the Night and the months.

Selene, the goddess of the Moon

Selene had two siblings, Eos (Dawn) and Helios (Sun), who eternally enlightened Selene because of their brotherhood.

Selene's name is derived from the Greek word selas, which means "light".

Selene's Chariot

The ancient Greeks imagined Selene with wings and silver fingers, wearing a crescent moon as a crown.

Selene is usually depicted riding a horse or driving a chariot with winged horses, some white and some black, an allegory for the fact that only one side of the moon's surface is illuminated by sunlight.

Other times she is depicted riding a bull or elevated on a horse, mule, deer, or goat.

The Adventures of Selene

Selene, according to Greek mythology, had many amorous adventures. Her brilliance was such that it caused Zeus to fall in love with her and their union brought Pandia (the goddess of the full moon), Herse (the goddess of dew) into being.

Selene also united with Helios and brought the three Horae (the Hours) to life.

According to another legend, Selene was seduced by Pan, who gave her a herd of white oxen. She also mated with Aeras and gave birth to a daughter named Drossos.

Selene means "Moon" in ancient Greek.

Roman name: Luna

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