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Proteus, the Sea god from Egypt

Proteus was a gentle marine deity from Egypt and the personification of the waves

Proteus was a respected sea deity, originally probably from Ancient Egypt, on the African coast, which formed the boundaries of the then known world to the south.
Nereus was a sea demon, a hero, and even a king. He was a son of Poseidon, the Olympian god of the Sea, and also acted as his servant.

The Power of Proteus

Proteus was a first form of matter, which gradually transforms and creates all the other forms of which the world is composed.

Lifestyle of Proteus

Proteus lived in the depths of the ocean and knew every single sea in detail. He loved to sleep in the shade of the rocks below the beach and beside his beloved sea creatures. His favorite animals were the seals.

Proteus and the Gift of Prophecy

Once Poseidon asked of his son Proteus to guard the sea creatures. In return, Poseidon blessed Proteus with the gift of prophecy. However, Proteus almost never told anyone the truth about the future unless someone managed to capture him, ideally while he was sleeping.

Appearance of Proteus

According to legend, Proteas was an old man who was always expressionless, neither talking nor laughing.

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