Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Nyx, the Goddess of the Night

Goddess Nyx was a primeval goddess and the symbol of the night.

Nyx was immortal because she was sent to earth by the gods. She was the goddess who could tame the gods and the humans.

The Family of Nyx

Nyx was born out of Chaos and was the sister of Erebus, who embodied the dark silence and had fifteen dark children, among them sweet Hypnos (the sleep) and Thanatos (the death).

Tartarus, the Residence of Nyx

Nyx resided in a gloomy house located in Tartarus, in the depths of Hades' Underworld. Nyx was sharing her residence with her daughter Hemera, the embodiment of the Day, without the two of them ever meeting each other at home.

The Transition from Day to Night

Nyx used to reside in her home all day long, taking care of her dark spirited children. But when the evening set in, Nyx was leaving her home to set off for her nightly journey. On her way she met Hemera, the Day, who was returning home from her daily trip and they were greeting each other peacefully.

The Roman name of Nyx is "Nox"



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