Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Nymphs, the Goddesses of Nature

Who were the Nymphs?

The Nymphs were the daughters of Zeus, the King of the gods. They ranged over beautiful groves and dwelled near springs, in mountains through which rivers flowed and in woods.

What types of Nymphs existed?

There were Celestial Nymphs, Sea Nymphs, Land Nymphs , Wood Nymphs and Underworld Nymphs in Greek mythology.

The Role of the Nymphs

'The Water Nymph'. A painting by John Maler Collier (1923) Because of their close connection to water, a fertilizing element, the Nymphs were worshiped as daemons of fertility and vegetation. The nymphs protected the plants and animals and were also playing the role of nurses who occasionally raised human beings.

Everyday life of the Nymphs

The Nymphs were joining the Greek gods Artemis and Apollo and also Acheloos, the river god, and were playing with them. However, most of all, the Nymphs enjoyed playing with Hermes, the messenger of the gods and Hermes' son, the Satyr Pan.

trivia about the nymphs According to the Odyssey, the ancient Greeks also used the word 'Nymph' to describe a mortal woman who was recently married.


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