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Horae, the Goddesses of the Seasons

The Hours (Horae) were the fruitful goddesses of the Seasons and the guards of Mount Olympus

Family of the Horae

The Horae, literally translated as the "hours", were the daughters of Zeus, the King of the Gods and Themis, the Titaness of Justice. The Horae were sisters of the Fates.

Graceful and virginal girls with beautiful blond hair, holding a plant or flower in their hands.

The three Horae

Opinions differ as to the number and names of the Horae. According to the Ancient Greeks from Athens, however, there were three Horae in Greek mythology.

One was Thallo, also called Thallate, who was the goddess of spring, buds and blossoms.

The second was called Karpo, who personified the ripening of summer.

The third had the name Auxo and was the personification of autumn.

They all lived by the river Heridanus, which was in the center of Athens.

Role of the Horae

The Horae personified the seasons and maintained the rhythm of the vegetation cycle. They were also charged by Zeus to guard Mount Olympus, the home of Olympian Gods, and to open and close its gates with great heavy clouds.

The Horae were usually associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It was them who found and welcomed her to the island of Cyprus, adorning her and following her ever since.

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