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Hemera, the Goddess of the Day

Hemera was the goddess of the Day in Greek mythology

Hemera was a primordial goddess and the female embodiment of daylight. Hemera was created with much love by Erebos, the symbol of darkness and Nyx, the night, both children of Chaos.

The sister of Hemera was Aether, the goddess of heaven.
Hemera dwelt with her mother in Tartarus, in the depths of the underworld, but the two deities never met at home.

Shortly after daybreak Hemera made a journey from the land of dawn to the land of heaven, gradually taking the place of Eos, the goddess of dawn. Upon her arrival, Helios, the sun god, concealed himself in his golden chalice and night fell to earth, and Hemera returned to her home in the underworld.

This was the moment when her mother Nyx would begin her nocturnal journey.

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