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Places of Worship for Asclepius

worship of Asclepius -

The Asclepieion of Epidaurus

Epidaurus, Greece

The Asclepieion Temple was a sacred healing site in Epidaurus, Greece, and the place where Asklepios was first worshipped as a god. The Asclepieion Temple was probably built around the 6th century BC and was the most important healing center in the ancient Greek and Roman world due to the many and severe cases that were cured there. Inside the temple were numerous votive offerings representing parts of the human body that had been healed in the sanctuary.
Asclepius appears to the sick in a dream. Detail of a painting  by Sebastiano Ricci

The Process of Faith Healing

In order for a patient to be healed, he had to obtain divine permission, then thoroughly cleanse himself and make a nightly sacrifice, usually a rooster, pig, or goat. Then the patient went down to the ground floor and lay down to sleep on the floor, on the skin of the animal he had previously sacrificed. In his dream, the god visited him and either healed him with his hands, gave him medicine, or simply told him what he needed to do to get well.

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