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Asclepius, the Greek God of Healing

Asclepius was the Greek god of healing and medicine

Asclepius was the personification of the ideal physician. He was the god of healing and medicine and also possessed the power to resurrect the dead.

Family of Asclepius

Asclepius was the son of the Olympian god Apollo and the beautiful mortal Coronis, and one of the youngest gods in Greek Mythology. His wife was Epione, the goddess of appeasement, with whom Asclepius fathered many children, including

Asclepius and Medicine

Symbol of Asclepius Rod Asclepius was the personification of the ideal physician. His attributes were the serpent and the staff.

The wise Centaur Chiron The wise Centaur Chiron helped him to great skill in medicine, and relieved mortals of their pains.

According to legend, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, decided to give Asclepius the blood of the monster Medusa, and with this blood Asclepius discovered a way to revive people.

The Death of Asclepius and the...13th Zodiac Sign!

When Zeus, the King of the gods, learned of the great power of Asclepius, he began to fear that Asclepius would soon rule the world. Therefore, he hurled a thunderbolt at the hero and turned him into a constellation.

The constellation of Asclepius was given the name Ophiuchus ("the serpent bearer"). Some people believe it to be "the 13th sign of the zodiac"!

Roman name: Esculape

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