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The Love of Boreas and Orithyia

Boreas, the Wind of the North in greek mythology
Boreas and Orithyia by Oswald Von Glehn
Orithyia was a beautiful maiden and the youngest daughter of Erechtheus, the king of Athens. Erechtheus loved his daughter very much and wished to keep her forever close to him.

One day, while the wind Boreas was blowing in Athens, he happened to sight Orithyia who was happily playing around with her girlfriends. Amazed by the beauty of Orithyia, he deeply fell in love with her and went straight to her father to ask for her hand.

Orithyia's father pretended to be flattered and happily agreed at first, but then he tried to postpone the wedding in any way possible, making up excuses. With time, Boreas understood that the king wouldn’t really give away his he decided to steal Orithyia and carry her away up to the sky.

Boreas and Orithyia settled in Thrace and gave birth to two daughters, Chione and Cleopatra , who would later on become a Queen of Thrace, in Northern Greece. The couple also gave birth to two twin sons, Zetes and Calais, who, like their father, grew wings during their adolescence. The twin brothers became later on companions of the Greek hero Jason during his quest for the Golden Fleece.

Myths and Fables about Boreas

The Love of Boreas and Orithyia
The Love of Boreas and Orithyia