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Penthesilea, the fatal love of Achilles

Last Update: 21 Mar 2021

Penthesilea, the fatal love of Achilles
The beautiful Amazon Penthesilea, a daughter of Ares, the god of War, was a queen of the Amazons.

One day she accidentally killed her sister while hunting and was forced to leave her country. The queen was desperate to atone for her sins. Therefore, she offered help to the Trojans on the Trojan War, who were protected by the goddess Artemis, the protector of hunters. In this way, she hoped that the goddess Artemis would forgive her.

Towards the end of the Trojan War, Penthesilea confronted the famous Greek hero Achilles and tried to kill him wearing a mask. But Achilles effortlessly destroyed her army and mortally wounded the Amazon.

Shortly after, the hero went near the Amazon and took off her mask. Seeing the beauty of her face, he fell in love with Penthesilea as she lay dying in his arms. Heartbroken, Achilles gave her body to the Trojans and they buried her in the royal honors.

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