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Amazons in Greek Mythology- the Ancient Greek Amazon Antiope

Antiope, the wife of Theseus

Last Update: 12 May 2020

Antiope, the wife of Theseus
Antiope was a daughter of Ares and a queen of the Amazons. When Theseus visited her land, he fell in love with Antiope and abducted her.
Back in Athens, the couple got married and gave birth to a son named Hippolytos. This incident provoked the attack of the Amazons in Athens in order to avenge Antiope's abduction by Theseus. The so-called "Amazon War", during which Antiope was killed fighting on the side of Theseus against the other Amazons, is one of the main founding myths of Athens. The Athenians considered it so important that they depicted it on one side of the Acropolis.

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