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Thebes, the Birthplace of Heracles

Last Update: 23 Mar 2021

Ancient Greek places- Thebes

Thebes, the City of Cadmus

Thebes is located south of Boeotia, northwest of Athens and was originally a Mycenaean city of Ancient Greece.
Thebes was founded by Cadmus in Boeotia around 1000 BC under the name Cadmea, replacing Orchomenus as the leading city of the region.

Thebes, the Birthplace of Heracles

Thebes is the birthplace of the Greek hero Heracles and also of the lyric poet Pindar and the general Epaminondas. Thebes is also known because of Aeschylus' play "Seven against Thebes".

The main attractions of Thebes include the Mycenaean Palace of Cadmus and the Lion of Chaeronea.

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