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Ancient Athens, the Birthplace of Democracy

Last Update: 23 Mar 2021

Ancient Greek places- Ancient Athens

Ancient Athens, the largest city in Ancient Greece

Ancient Athens (Athena) was the largest and most prosperous city in Ancient Greece. It was named after goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Ancient Athens, the Birthplace of Democracy

Athens is the city where democracy was born and where citizens were free to express their opinions. However, women were not treated equally to men and slavery was allowed. Some slaves were even owned by the state.

Athens is the birthplace of Socrates, Plato, Sophocles and Euripides and sporting events and plays were held every year.
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The Parthenon of Athens, Greece

The most famous monument of Athens was the Parthenon. Built in 432 BC on the Acropolis Hill, also known as the "Sacred Rock" of Athens, it dominated the city of Athens and blended harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

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