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About the Author

My name is Evangelia Hatzitsinidou and I am the creator and author of The reason I created this website is because I have a passion for ancient Greek culture and want to give visitors to this website a brief glimpse into the wonderful Greek Mythology and religion.

Website Sources

All information on this website is mainly taken from ancient Greek writings (see below). However, often some information is a combination of different myths. Please note that this is a "work in progress" and is by no means complete - however, I make every effort to update it regularly with more content.

All images are either from my personal collection or have been collected from sources who have either placed their images in the public domain, relinquished their copyright, or whose copyright has expired. You are free to adapt and use the images for commercial purposes without crediting the original author or source. Although absolutely not required, I would welcome a link back to my website

Main sources I have used for my writings

  • The "Theogony" by Hesiod (ca. 800-700 BC)
  • "The Life of Theseus" by Plutarch (Greek historian)
  • The "Victory Odes" of Pindar (ca. 522-443 BC)
  • The Homeric Hymns (7th-6th century BC)
  • The epic poems "Iliad" and "Odyssey" by Homer (8th or 7th century BC)
  • "The Republic" and the "Laws", the two most lengthy philosophical writings of Plato (around 360 BC)
  • Writings by the mythographer Apollodorus (around 150 BC)
  • The 'Metamorphoses' by the Roman poet Ovid
  • The fables of storyteller Aesop
  • "Bacchae", an ancient Greek playwright by Euripides (around 405 BC), for information about Dionysus
  • The "Symposium" by Plato (385-370 BC)
  • Mostly public domain images from Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons
  • the Dictionary of Classical Antiquities by Oskar Seyffert (1894)
  • "Herakles, the Hero of Thebes" by Mary E. Burt

as well as abstract, verbal information taught in Greek public school.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can reach me at, or simply use the contact form. I would be happy to hear from you.

I wish you a nice stay and thank you for visiting my website!

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