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The Centaurs were half- horse creatures of ancient Greece and the spirits of the storm

How did the Centaurs look like?

The head, the arms and the torso of the Centaurs had the human shape and their lower part was that of a horse. Their diet was adjusted according to their physical shape.

Family of the Centaurs

The Centaurs were the offspring of Ixion, the king of Lapithae (Thessaly), and the rain cloud Nephele.

Personality of the Centaurs

With only few exceptions, such as Cheiron,the gentle Tutor, the Centaurs were lawless, aggressive creatures and were usually drunk.

The Expelling of the Centaurs

The Centaurs were mainly living on Mount Pelion in Thessaly. There was a time when the Centaurs got involved in a struggle with the Lapiths, known as "Centauromachy", when trying to intrude and cause trouble during the wedding feast of the Lapiths' King Peritheios with Ippodameia. Because of the Centauromachy, the Centaurs were expelled from Thessaly.

Mount Pelion, the residence of the Centaurs

Famous Centaurs in Greek Mythology

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