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Ancient Greek Poets » Hesiod

greek poet hesiod Hesiod was a farmer living around 700 - 800 BC. He was born in Asia Minor but moved to Boeotia in Central Greece. He is regarded as contemporary of Homer and often he is considered as the "Father of Greek Didactic Poetry".Hesiod is said to be the second most significant poet of Ancient Greece, following Homer.

How it all began

One day, while he was herding his animals on Mount Helicon, the Muses came to him and he became an oral poet and minstrel.

Although several poems were ascribed to Hesiod, only two of his epics have survived; the "Theogony", related to the creation of the gods, and the "Works and Days", related to morality (which includes the myth of Pandora).

Famous Quotes by Hesiod

  • "In front of the virtue, the immortal gods have placed the sweat."
  • "The hunger comes with the inactive and the gods hate him who is living comfortably without working."
  • "Emulation is useful to mankind."
  • "Do not postpone for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow."