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Odysseus was a hero of the Trojan War and the main character in Homer's Epos, the "Odyssey"


Odysseus was one of the most cunning, yet prudent heroes of the Trojan War, according to the Greek legends. He is the main character in Homer's Epos, the "Odyssey" and is also mentioned in his Epos "Iliad" as a collaborator of Agamemnon.

Family of Odysseus

Odysseus was the son of Laertes, king of Ithaca, and his wife Anticlea. Odysseus was married to Penelope and they had a son called Telemachus.

Odysseus and the Trojan War

Odysseus was a Greek hero who became famous through his participation in the Trojan War. He initially didn't want to join, faking madness. Only when the hero Palamedes threatened to kill his son Telemachus with a sword did Odysseus reveal his sanity and finally agreed to take part.

Odysseus embarked for Troy knowing full well the oracle's prediction that he would see his family again after a very long time. Soon enough, the oracle was proven right- the Greek heroes may have managed to achieve victory over Troy, but still the gods were dissatisfied with their arrogant attitude and decided to punish them.
Odysseus, in particular, was sent out on a long, perilous journey which lasted ten years and on which he had to endure numerous adventures in stormy seas and hostile lands in order to finally reach his home, the island of Ithaca.

The accomplishments of Odysseus are rather allegorical, symbolizing the extremes of effort to which man is prepared to go in order to accomplish his goals.

The Roman name of Odysseus is "Ulysses"


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