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Greek Heroes » Narcissus, the handsome boy in love with himself

Narcissus was a handsome, vain boy in love with himself

Narcissus, the handsome boy in love with himself  in greek mythology
Narcissus by Caravaggio, 1594-1596
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Narcissus was an extraordinarily handsome, yet cold and vain youth from Boeotia, Greece. Narcissus didn't love anybody but himself and believed that he was the only one worth loving.
One day, while he was sitting near a fountain, with his big eyes he noticed a beautiful face gazing at him from the water source. Charmed by the beauty he saw, he wanted to plunge his arm into the water to capture it.
However, despite his efforts, the reflection remained in the same position, until finally the young man suffered decline and died.
Shortly after his death, a white flower with a faint smell grew in that location, bearing his name as a symbol of decay and the Underworld.

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